Here because of a post-it?
Chances are you know me.

Here by duck?
We’re in the same family.

Stumbled here?
Consider fate a possibility.

We are more closely
linked than you think.

I write real letters.
You should read.

You may recognize me, someone you know–or better yet–
yourself in one of these.


Dear Jeep Family,

I bought my first Jeep in March of 2020. One week before the pandemic changed everything. I know this because I’m a teacher. A red bin of files went into my brand-new Jeep on an infamous Friday. Then I moved far, far away. It hasn’t been easy since then. But I’ve discovered a kind ofContinue reading “Dear Jeep Family,”

Dear Reader, Read First

If you’re here because of a post-it, chances are you know me. If you stumbled here, consider fate a possibility. I’m not advertising and have no following. No matter what brought you here, I could use some help. I wrote letters for real people; for them to experience the magic of unfolding in a story.Continue reading “Dear Reader, Read First”

To the Bullshit-Detector

I see a lot of you in my daughter. It terrifies me. You have an exceptional bullshit-detector. So does she.  Of course, any observer could guess this from the way you reclined in your desk, like Jimi Hendrix on a sofa at an intimate house party (your lidded gaze and smirk suggested the same kindContinue reading “To the Bullshit-Detector”

To the Board of Admissions,

I usually write letters of recommendations for my seniors. That kind of became interrupted in the Spring of 2020. I’d still like to write a letter for this particular student. I hope you understand its delay (the pandemic has been tough on us teachers). To whom it may concern: The hardest letters of recommendation to writeContinue reading “To the Board of Admissions,”

For the Student Who Never Spoke (Or the Alternative Cinderella)

Dear Student,I don’t draw (except for chromosome diagrams and Punnet squares…and poorly). I don’t draw words; I don’t pencil stories; and I refuse to sketch poetry. But my dream is for you to unfold in a compositional mural, so I traced a fable. Sorry if I infringe upon dear, old Walt. He copied anyway (fromContinue reading “For the Student Who Never Spoke (Or the Alternative Cinderella)”

On the Eve of an Anniversary

Three years ago my student’s father dropped dead.She’s had a lot to lift since then.You should see how strong she is. I wrote her a letter. She needs to read it. Sunday, I offered The Secret Gardento a little portal and dedicated it to her.I became a teacher because of that storyI question if I canContinue reading “On the Eve of an Anniversary”

For Anna,

I’ve been getting pretty close to giving up. This writing thing is tough, and, well, I’m a dinosaur. I don’t understand media-socials. I tried emailing important people, pleaded with writers in groups, I created a twitter account to send direct messages (but got locked out); hell, I even dropped a note in a bucket andContinue reading “For Anna,”

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